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2016-02-15 · Accordingly, some of the deadlines for an IC-DISC are easy to find, but others are buried deep within the regulations. This World Business and Tax Update will focus on three IC-DISC deadlines: the due date of commission payments, the due date for commission true-ups and the absence of an extension deadline. IC-DISC Case Study. ABC Co. has $2M in gross export sales and $500,000 in net income from those exports.

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If the IC-DISC chooses not to pay a dividend to its shareholders, an interest charge based upon T-Bill rates applies to the deferred tax. But because the IC-DISC has different requirements than 1120, 1120S, or 1065 returns, the accounting department is often unaware of the ongoing management responsibilities of the IC-DISC. A very small number of IC-DISC firms include the IC-DISC management responsibilities as part of their service of preparing the 1120-IC-DISC. IC-DISC tax attorneys at Harlowe & Falk can help determine whether your business is eligible for IC-DISC tax benefits, and help determine your potential tax savings under the program. Our IC-DISC tax attorneys based in the greater Seattle area provide assistance to clients nationally, and can also help your business implement and maintain the IC-DISC structure, ensuring your compliance with People with the I (Motivator) personality type tend to be enthusiastic, cheerful, and outgoing. They typically have an easy, relaxed, casual manner when speaking or interacting with others. In the last five years, FEI's CPC-P has submitted or signed onto almost 50 letters on issues including comprehensive tax reform, the estate tax, IC-DISC, America's debt and deficit, the federal budget, provisions in the Affordable Care Act and onerous regulations that could affect private companies negatively, FEI is also an active member of coalitions protecting the interests of privately The IC-DISC must maintain its own bank account, accounting records, and file U.S. tax returns, but otherwise, there are no changes to business operations.

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The commission is based on either the percentage of   IC-DISC tax exempt corporations are domestic entities set up to receive commissions on qualified export sales. Learn more about 15.8% tax savings on qualified  17 Feb 2020 What is an IC-DISC?

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However, the IC-DISC, added to the Internal Revenue Code in 1984, has never been challenged by the WTO. IC-DISC stands for interest charge domestic international sales corporations. These have become favored as a result of the lower tax rate on dividends received from domestic corporations at the 20% capital gains rate. An IC-DISC is a “paper” corporation that serves as a sales commission agent for a U.S. exporter. To qualify, the corporation doesn’t need to have employees, offices or tangible assets. An IC-DISC is a corporation which serves as a sales commission agent for the exporter.

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28 Aug 2018 What is an IC-DISC? The Interest-Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation, more commonly known as the IC-DISC, is an export  We help U.S. companies set up separate corporate entities (the interest charge international sales corporations). The IC-DISCs are paid a deductible commission  18 Aug 2016 A properly structured and operated IC-DISC allows companies to defer taxes on as much as $10 million in export sales.
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